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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1.  The driving school cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond its control, for example DSA driving test cancellations.

2.  In the event of mechanical breakdown of the vehicle, the driving school will supply a substitute vehicle where it is available to do so; however this may or may not be the same make or model of car.

3. If for any reason a lesson needs to be rescheduled or re-arranged by the driving school, reasonable notice will be given if possible.

4.  The driving school reserves the right to withhold the use of the tuition vehicle for the DSA driving test, if, in the opinion of the instructor, the pupil has not reached the required standard.

5.  The notice period for lesson cancellations is 48 hours.  All lessons cancelled within the notice period are liable to charge.

6. Lesson fees are to be paid in advance of the lesson either by cash or cheque.

7. A copy of your Driving Licence will be stored, securely, with the driving school Head Office, for the purpose of the driving school only and held for a period of 12 months.




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